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9 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. hi, we are following each other on instagram ! Cool website you have !

    Schall I email you milibes New catalogue , when its ready in december!?! It Will Fit Well with you website and The brands you are carrying !

    We Will be at playtime Paris in January

    Best regards


  2. Hello, I have discovered you on Instagram and follow for a while. I find your site really great and am excited about the facilities and the style. I would like to recreate the white bedstead. Do you have a construction manual for this or something similar? Thanks in advance and many greetings Aileen

    • Hi Aileen! thankyou for your kind words! Unfortunately I don’t have an instruction manual, my friend made it but he made it to measure the slopes of our walls exactly. Sorry not to be of more help, xxxx

  3. Hello,
    I love your photos.
    I am looking for the lightning light you posted the 13 july . Do you knom wher i could find it ?
    Thanks so much,
    Love from Paris

  4. Hi,

    I work for a company looking to purchase sponsored posts, banners, links and advertising space for a client and was wondering if you could send me over your prices as well as any other information you think might be relevant



  5. Dear Chloe,
    I have checked nearly all your pics from insta, but cant find the picture where you mentioned the brand of the bed of one of your boys, the bed with the two wheels. It would be fantastic if you could give me a hint.
    Thanks and greetings from Cologne,

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