Today: Kitty and Raffy Beau Loves ♥

I was so excited to get Raffy’s new Beau Loves top and hat a couple of weeks ago… I’d emailed Emma from Millymog with my usual dilemma-ing over which size to order and she was so helpful emailing me back straight away with the exact measurements but I still couldn’t help opting for the too big, bigger size (He’ll grow into it!!)  which Kitty discovered actually fit her.








Kitty in Mini Rodini snow leopard dress and Beau Loves hat.

Raffy in Beau Loves t-shirt and hat, H&M bottoms.

3 thoughts on “Today: Kitty and Raffy Beau Loves ♥

  1. I love Beau Loves ❤️! Thanks for the awesome tip of where to get it…am going to check out Millymog straight away! Love the photos! How gorgeous are your kids?! Just beautiful!! x

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