Autum Gift Guide

Top Row left to right: Craft sets The Curious Bear, Animal silks Sarahs Silks, Rainbow necklace Theresia Haussner
Middle row: Pumpkin sorting plate The Little Coach House, Mittens Babykin Shop
Bottom row: Parks Toastie Kids, Autumn Leaves Cissy Wears, Yellow shoes Startrite

Easter Gift Guide

Any excuse for me to celebrate a seasonal event and sneak in a little present!
Top Row left to right: Banner Happy Sunday Studio, Daffodil ColourMeLincoln, Down to the Woods Small Print Books
Middle row l- r: Liberty print wings Meri Meri , Holdie Dinosaurs Olliella
Bottom row l – r: Wheat boats, Dawn and Day, Easter decorations Willow and Griff, Reusable Daisy chain Conscious Craft

Magic Cat Publishing

I am a little bit of an obsessive children’s book collector ( a habit I inherited from my Mum) and have recently discovered. Every book is absolutely beautiful ( a cover that can be displayed always wins me over) but they also brings up incredibly important matters to the kids of today about the world around them. I can’t wait to follow their journey and be inspired with their new releases…