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I am a little bit of an obsessive children’s book collector ( a habit I inherited from my Mum) and have recently discovered. Every book is absolutely beautiful ( a cover that can be displayed always wins me over) but they also brings up incredibly important matters to the kids of today about the world around them. I can’t wait to follow their journey and be inspired with their new releases…

Read: Mollie Clarke’s pictures

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If you like those ever so cute illustrations by Mabel Lucy Attwell then you may well like the children’s book illustrations by Mollie Clarke. She used to write ‘learning to read’ books for school children in the 1950’s and she illustrated them herself.

She did a set of books about Sally and her day at school, and another set about Andrew. The great thing about young children’s books is that they show you so much about what life was really like in those days. For young children everything is new so their books usually show what was familiar to them, and this is what makes the illustrations so charming.  These were the days when girls were brought up as girls, staying at home and being domestic, whereas the boys in the books were a lot more active and interested in cars and planes and making things on their work bench. Here is a selection of some of those pictures.

Fairy Queen MC

This is Sally, dressed up as the Fairy Queen.

cowboy MC

Andrew is dressed up as a cowboy.

Sally help mother MC

Domestic duties! Never too young to learn.

washing stuff MC

Sally needed to learn these words.

Sally has her lunch MC

Sally has her lunch.

Andrew's Bag MC

Andrew’s school-bag. A dentist’s nightmare.

skipping rope sally MC

Look at those navy knickers.

Goodnight Andrew MC

Andrew with his teddy.

pram and sally MC

Sally takes dolly for a walk.

scarecrow MC




For Little Children MC

Mollie Clarke does cute animals too.

scooter MC


On a scooter

bear and sadcastles MC