Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Wow December came round quickly! With one day left of November I pulled a few gift guides together just with some presents that I have my eye on this year…

Top row left to right: Christmas eve potion Dawn and Day, Christmas banner Happy Sunday Studio, Fawny Olliella Scout and Co

Middle row left to right: Stocking Ferm Living Scandiborn, Maileg gingerbread house Otis and the Wolf

Bottom row left to right: Magic flag Arnold and the Caterpillar, Advent Calendar Oyoy, Footprints stencil Roscoe Rules

Top row left to right: Faces bath toy Cissy Wears, Sparkle wings Mimi and Lula, Teddy bear bed Monkey Mccoy

Middle row left to right, Konges piano Small-folk, Computer Zara

Bottom row left to right: Liewood fishing game Sorens House, Tiny tummies baby food Dawn and Day, Kids Concept playhouse Scandiborn

Top row left to right: Earth tiles Conscious Craft, Story player Tonies, Liewood bow and arrow Smallkins

Middle row left to right: Makemud potion Dawn and Day Car ramp Cissy Wears

Bottom row left to right: Castle Olliella, Schleich Junior Edition, Owl costume Meri Meri

Top Row left to right: Maileg house Scandiborn, Stepping stones The Kid Collective, Balnce beam

Middle row left to right: Play sofa Zonky, Tenderleaf train track Cottage Toys

Bottom row left to right: Konges dolls pram Oskoe , Playhouse Plum Bike Bobbin

Top row left to right: Romper Organic Zoo, Moonie Humming bear Natural Baby Shower, Banner Pine and Pear

Middle row left to right: Blocks Little Stories, Teddy changing mat Studio Noos

Bottom row left to right: Main Sauvage teether Molly Meg, Bath and beach set Ando, Baby puree sucker Kidly

Top rowleft to right: Shelves Urban Outfitters, Book Remodelista, Ferm Living ceramic basket Kin

Middle row left to right: Rainbow doormat Oyoy, Muuki water bottle Cissy Wears

Bottom row left to right: Any Pan Our Place, Sheepskin slippers Binibamba, Hay Nougat laundry basket Tea and Kate

Top row left to. right: Cool bag Yeti, Brewery Pinter, Tool box London Graphic Centre

Middle row left to right: Board games Free People, Coffee subscription Grind

Bottom row left to right: Ooni pizza oven John Lewis, Personalised tennis balls Anya Hindmarch, Theragun massager Therabody

Read: Martine

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The Martine series of books is the French equivalent of the English Topsy and Tim, written at the same time and aimed at slightly older children. We enter a world of French sophistication that is totally different to that of the homespun Topsy and Tim and much more adult.

The early sixties were a time when little girls started wearing dresses with extremely short skirts, and if the illustrations by Marcel Marlier are anything to go by, these little girls possess an obvious degree of Gallic charm. “Thank heavens for little girls, they grow up in the most delightful way”, and all that.

Martine’s parents are wealthy and their world is very modern for the era, they only go to the best shops, eat the best food and travel to places like New York to visit friends.  Martine herself is very attractive and all her friends, both boys and girls are exceptionally pretty, and all the animals have smiles on their faces and romp about in a charming fashion. Martine has a pet dog, Patapouf, who gets into all kinds of mischief, so much so that he has a whole series of books to himself.

The books in the Martine series, written by Gilbert Delahaye and illustrated by Marcel Marlier, are interesting examples of 1960’s chic, and hopefully I have given you a flavour of that in the pictures below:

01 Martine and mirror

Here’s Martine.

02 Martine checkin

Martine and family at the check-in desk

Martine lobster in 1st classjpg

Marine enjoys lobster for lunch in First Class

Martine at the fair

Martine at the fair

Martine ice cream

Martine enjoys an ice cream

Martine housework

Martine does the housework. Note rug (endangered species?) and 1960s rubber plant

Martine washing up

Martine does the washing up

Martine en Corvette

Martine’s family in their imported Chevrolet Corvette, standing sans seat belts. No health and safety in those days.

Martine camping

Martine camping

Martine shelling peas

Martine and mother shell petis pois with elegance

Martine supermarket

Martine at the supermarket

Martine dept store

Martine at the department store

Martine gardening

Martine’s friend on the beach