Snapshots of Spring


Kitty shouting “Birdies” at top volume to try and attract them to the food! In No Added Sugar coat, H & M hat, Primark rainbow socks, and Mikihouse wellies.


Making use of our building site garden, Satch dug for an hour (surprisingly unsuccessfully!) looking for dinosaur bones. in No Added Sugar jacket and coat, Christian Audigier jeans and Stella Mccartney Kids wellies.


Kitty feeding lambs. There were 33 lambs and only her and her friend to feed all of them!


Visiting a Viking reenactment. They were seriously violent.


Outside the Enid Blyton shop.


In the stocks!

Izzy Stella Mccartney dress

Iz in Stella Mccartney kids dress.


Kitty got stuck in the mud on a forest walk while Tom was also kind of stuck in a tree so I had to wade in the mud wearing my ballet pumps to help her out… Note to self not suitable forest walking footwear.


Satch in No Added Sugar coat, Stella Mccartney kids jumper and wellies.

Today: Athelhampton House

We decided to do a spooky trip to Athelhampton House for halloween this year. It featured on Britains Most haunted and is considered one of the most haunted houses in the UK… We managed to remain undisturbed through lunch and walk around the grounds before a tour of the house where a mysteriouslady told us about all the ghosts! The kids were suitably spooked and even more so when the tour guide disappeared out of the Great hall just after we had been with her!


Athelhampton statue

Satch in Stella McCartney Kids jumper and H & M jeans and boots.


Iz in No Added Sugar coat, H & M jumper leggings and boots, Miller (Elias and Grace) skirt.




Apparently among the ghosts are a couple of duellists,  a cooper, a grey lady, a cat, a hooded priest and the old owners pet gorilla!