Yesterday: Posting Christmas letters

An unusual post for me… almost a crafting one!I picked up one of those cardboard Christmas postboxes for Kitty and Raffy this Christmas ( and painted it white which was as far as my crafting skills allowed). We have a problem with Raffy putting things in our bin constantly ( favourite things to post being shoes and remotes but I try and not think about what else could have gone missing in it)! Anyway he now has a lid he can lift up or post items into his very own box. Kitty loves recognising names too so loves going through the printed cards and telling me who they are going to…










Kitty in dress by Beau Loves at Monkey Mccoy, hairband by Aquarium Kidz.

Artoyz from Fourmonkeys

Astronauts from Leggybuddys

Blanket by Repose.amsĀ