Action Man Recycled

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Recycling gives me a feeling of smug satisfaction. I can trace this all the way back to when I used to collect empty packets to take to the playgroup for junk modelling. For years I was a keen customer of Charity Shops and kept coming across old Action Man figures in their toy boxes. Put those two together, and what have you got? Remember those awful Barbie type figures with a spare toilet roll underneath their skirts? Well, I decided to use an Action Man figure instead, and knit an outfit to cover him. The results are below – of course I had to cut their legs off first!



Scottish dancer.JPG

The Scotsman

Burglar Bill.JPG

Burgler Bill

Hello sailor.JPG

Hello Sailor

Pantomime Dame

Pantomime Dame

Onion seller.JPG

Onion Seller

The poodle


Just William

Just William

The Biker

The Biker

the monk.JPG

The Monk



Swan lake dancer.JPG

Swan Lake ballet dancer

The tree.JPG

The Tree

bell boy.JPG

The Bellboy



Pearly King.JPG

The Pearly King

new dad

New Dad

Saturday Night FeverJPG

Saturday Night Fever


The Beatnik

That's all

That’s all, folks!