Newborn Essentials

TOP ROW left to right:

BABY WRAP: Smallhausen I have found a sling or babywrap one of my most essential items, particularly for my second child onwards. Perfect for when you have to get out and about or just need to have your hands free!

MOSES BASKET Roohami Store Ok so not exactly essential but something every first time parent definitely wants and this moses basket is so gorgeous i know it will be one to keep hold of for the Grandkids!

BAbY CLOTHES Organic Zoo All of my babies have worn the same white sleepsuit and I was so upset to have lost it for my sixth, but was pretty happy with a sweet Organic Zoo replacement. It was hard to buy this time as I wasn’t sure how big my son was going to be ( the hospital had predicted big) so I didn’t want to overbuy in newborn size. It turns out he wasn’t big at all but we got through the first week with  a pack of long sleeve baby bodysuits, a few footed sleepsuits, a baby hat and a go over everything warm wool suit for going out in.

Middle Row left to right:

BABY TOILETRIES Although it is best to avoid using soaps and lotions at first, my son did develop nappy rash in the first week so I would recommend having some ready to avoid any middle of the night panics or dashes to get some! We used the Childs farm cream.

TRAVEL SYSTEM The Babyzen yoyo is my pushchair of choice ( I literally can’t rave enough about it ), It fits through my stair gate, and folds up to travel luggage style and is unbelievably light.  I was so excited to see that you can get a newborn kit so that it can be used from birth too and can also fit a car seat.

Bottom Row left to right:

NAPPIES Kit and Kin Hypo allergenic and eco friendly and with the cutest design these disposables have got to be the best looking nappies around.

CHANGING MAT Olliella at Scandiborn  I know from experience that I always had a changing mat in sight in the first year ( we live in an open plan house with a serious lack of cupboards)  and so treated myself to this gorgeous basket from Olliella which lives under the coffee table but is lovely to look at!

MUSLIN Little Beacon I have always had the extra large muslin squares like these one, although never actually  got the hang of swaddling! The size of them are brilliant and we have used them endlessly, ranging from wrapping over pushchairs during nap times, covering a breast feed and even instead of towels on the beach for the bigger kids ( so fast drying)!

A few other things to add to the list… Wipes (lots!), a baby towel and a bouncy chair ( i LOVE the baby born bouncy chair and can’t recommend enough).

Beach Days

What a difference a day makes! After a rainy day inside it is hard to believe these pictures are from last night at the beach… We like to go out in the evenings when my husband finishes work and take dinner ( it saves so much time on cleaning up) and spend the last few hours before the sun goes down tiring the kids out in the sand. We set up our new tent from Scandiborn and the kids kept warm in their Beyond the Stork muslins… blissful!

Tent, lion cushion and pear basket Scandiborn, leggy Olliella, Ponchos, swimshorts and bucket Beyond the Stork. wooden car Zuri and Jane. Rainbow cushion Theresia Haussner

Newborn Baby Essentials

MOSES BASKET: Ok so not really essential but something every first time parent definitely wants and this Tilly and Cub one is top of my list… So much so I had to get the doll version just so I had one!

NAPPIES: Hypo allergenic and eco friendly these Kit and Kin disposables are the best looking around.

HIGHCHAIR: My brothers and I all had Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs growing up and they are still going strong for the grandkids at my parents now. I love the attachment so even newborns can be part of the family meal.

BOUNCY CHAIR: I recommend the Baby Bjorn to everyone. Through five kids we have been around alot of bouncy chairs and this one is the best I have found by miles. It rocked them to sleep and was probably the thing htat mainly got me thourh dealing with five kids!

PUSHCHAIR: I recently got the Babyzen yoyo and realised I have been seriously missing out powering through with my old fifth hand one! It fits through my stair gate,  folds up so easily and to a teeny size and it reclines for nap times. Dream stroller!

CARRIER: I don’t have a particular type to recommend but after not having one with my first daughter, the ease of getting them in one so you are hands free for the second and others was such a relief! A definite must!

DUMMY: None of mine have actually had a dummy  because they wouldn’t actually take one not but I really feel that anything that helps calm a baby ( and the parent!) is pretty amazing in my book and these Bibs ones happen to be good looking too.

MUSLIN SWADDLES: I have always had the extra large muslin squares like these ones from Clementine Kids and Mama Designs  (although never actually  got the hang of swaddling!)…The size of them are brilliant and we have used them endlessly, ranging from wrapping over pushcahirs during nap times and  covering a breast feed to towels on the beach for the bigger kids!