Beach Days

What a difference a day makes! After a rainy day inside it is hard to believe these pictures are from last night at the beach… We like to go out in the evenings when my husband finishes work and take dinner ( it saves so much time on cleaning up) and spend the last few hours before the sun goes down tiring the kids out in the sand. We set up our new tent from Scandiborn and the kids kept warm in their Beyond the Stork muslins… blissful!

Tent, lion cushion and pear basket Scandiborn, leggy Olliella, Ponchos, swimshorts and bucket Beyond the Stork. wooden car Zuri and Jane. Rainbow cushion Theresia Haussner

Brand: Mini Rodini swimsuit ♥

Yay finally it was briefly hot enough for the new swimsuits! The kids have all had matching Mini Rodini swimsuits for a couple of years and this years one is the tiger swimming costume for Kitty and tiger shorts for Satch. They always get commented on and my favourite bit about them is the  swimsuit label that says “Mini Rodini Loves You”!










Think I may have to get the zebra print ones too!

Mini Rodini Swim Zebra MiniRodiniswimsuitzebra